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Tel. 202 290 1335


drawingsCommercial projects often require extensive planning, coordination, and project management. As contractors for businesses and governments with facilities and buildings that impact the bottom line, Impact understands the complexities and discipline needed to build and manage responsibly, economically and according to evolving regulatory standards. With extensive experience in construction and private/public sector consulting, Impact Construction and Consulting is uniquely qualified to assist our clients throughout the construction process in achieving project goals and delivering superior cost reductions over the operating life of the business’ most important asset.

Impact Construction applies the same general construction approach to commercial and residential clients, yet applies this approach for commercial projects in a manner that recognizes scheduling time management, and value engineering as critical elements of a successful commercial project. In addition to offering traditional general contractor services, Impact Construction offer additional consulting services upon request for our commercial clients including:

  • Strategic Goal Setting  A successful project begins with opening our clients’ perspectives to the possibilities and technologies of high performance building. We focus on sustainable initiatives that reduce operating and maintenance costs over the life of the building.
  • Construction Project Management and Contract Administration  As consultants to the project, we act exclusively as the owner’s representative – a liaison between the owner and the design and construction teams – to ensure budget and schedule goals are met.
  • Cost Estimating and Value Engineering  These critical services, provided most often during the design and bid phase, help to estimate budgets and assist with value engineering.