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About Impact 

Impact Construction and Consulting, LLC is a service-oriented company with extensive experience and expertise in design, planning and management, construction, safety, and environmental sustainability.


Our highest commitment is to our clients – working with them to establish and exceed their project goals. We adhere strictly to industry best practices, including LEED, which results in the highest value for our clients and the lowest impact to the environment over the life of the building.
Our company succeeds because of the integrity of our workforce, our commitment to working with respect and consideration, and our passion for building structures that are beautiful, durable, and constructed with thoughtful consideration for the environment


To plan, renovate, and construct high performance buildings and homes that are durable, healthy, and constructed with awareness of their environmental impact. To educate consumers on environmental choices, and by doing so, contribute to building an environmentally responsible community

Core Values

These values are integral to our company and culture.


Passion for Building – We appreciate and celebrate healthy homes and buildings – and also the difference they make in the lives of our clients.


Quality Standards – It’s our business to deliver the highest quality services to our clients. We define quality by identifying our clients’ unique needs and developing and implementing cost-effective, customized construction solutions that exceed their expectations.


Client Service – We strive to exceed client expectations on each and every project. By doing so, we turn customers into advocates for our business and the environment.


Education – We firmly believe in proactively educating our clients about green design, materials, and building practices. Our shared goal of environmental stewardship demands strong collaboration.


Innovation – Through experience, extensive research, and information sharing, Impact stays at the forefront of innovation, offering the broadest range of products on the market.


Value – We help clients to understand the financial benefits that can be accrued by smart, efficient design. Choosing products with lower energy and life cycle costs, clients will realize all the added benefits – tax incentives in the short term and lower monthly maintenance costs in the long term.